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I'm Amy, I like pictures of rabbits and pugs in hats and fancy dress outfits mostly.
My serious side is more interested in Psychology, mental health issues and addiction.
The majority of the time I'm somewhere on a continuum of pissed off and enthused.

Posts tagged abortion

Apr 30 '12

The problem with being anti-choice is simple. The bullying and the intimidation of women capable of making their own decision about their life.

The rallying around abortion clinics and the increased inaccessibility be it geographically, economically or by shaming.

You do not see pro-choice protesters rallying around pregnant women, shaming and condemning them. I would assume no pro-choice individual would be upset or feel they needed to make a comment to a pregnant woman they did not know, impressing upon them how they have made the wrong decision.

And that is the problem, pro-choice supporters are not leading women who are pregnant and happy into the abortion clinic and forcing something upon them. So what makes people think they can shame women away from the clinics door when they do not want a child.

I know not everyone will agree with me and I can see why people want to preserve the life of a foetus but there is so much more to it.

Apr 16 '12

If America manages to ban abortion

in any way, shape or form, I will be disgusted with the world.

Why are we going backwards?

(Banning not just overtly but through underhand methods that make acquiring a legal abortion increasingly difficult and unreasonable).

Aug 1 '11

Absolutely hate

Seeing mindless, biased, uneducated, guilt trip posts about abortion.

It is a choice every woman deserves to make about her own body.

Had a huge “discussion” about this with some die hard Christian who was completely closed minded about the whole issue recently and now anytime I see any chain mail posts presenting these ridiculous, unrealistic situations of these murderous blood thirsty women who go about killing their unborn children for fun or because their boyfriend left them just makes me furious. This particular guy didn’t seem to consider the impact on the woman carrying the child whatsoever and his answer was “there’s plenty of people out there who want children and can’t have them”, if there are so many people out there wanting to take on unwanted kids why are foster homes and social services over-run with kids with no place to go and no stable up-bringing and why is so much money spend on IVF and other fertility treatment? People want their own kids at the end of the day, not the ones who’ve been damaged by neglect or even abuse and if people were responsible enough in the first place children would not be brought into those situations. But I guess I’m going off topic slightly.

Abortion is not a decision taken lightly by any person and their decision, not ours or anyone else’s, should be respected and women should not be made to feel guilty or persecuted for that choice.